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1 October 2020

Migrants’ Rights & Campaigning Workshop – September 2020

As part of our response to the immediate needs of migrant communities who are facing extreme poverty and destitution because of NRPF restrictions, we partnered and ran a successful advocacy and support programme with Ramfel and Olmec by offering immigration, employment and mental health & well-being advice and support.

MRN managed to deliver their first online ‘Telling Our Own Stories’ (TOOS) workshops successfully via Zoom for beneficiaries of the project. We explored migrants’ rights with a strong focus on NRPF with Shadin Dowson-Zeidan from Project 17 who covered how issues can affect individuals at different parts of the immigration application process. We also explored how individuals can interrogate their own stories, take ownership of them and choose what narrative gets told with expert communicator/campaigner Tamara-Jade Kaz.

We had 15 participants over the week, and by far the most successful part of the programme was the focus on rights. The following is some of the feedback we received from the webinar series:

“It was interesting but I wanted to connect more with charities that are involved in the campaign so I could learn how many are on board and to get involved myself. It was too much of an introduction for me, but I liked connecting with others and hearing the things they shared from their experience.”

“It was good, I enjoyed it so much. It was good to practice my English too. It is very helpful to learn more from others that are not in the Latin American community because I am not as connected with these people and organisations.”

“We found it all very interesting and I have shared some of the workshop materials with others that I thought would enjoy them too. I especially liked the session about how to share and own our own stories, as this practice is quite useful for connecting with others.”

“My favourite sessions were the campaigning ones, as it helped me to better conceptualise big ideas into smaller, practical steps. I will definitely use the methods we learned in these sessions in the future.”

We will be running future programmes focused on Migrants’ Rights and Leadership, please do get in contact if you would like to be notified: [email protected]