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2 January 2020

Comment: Concerns for future immigration policies

Jilna Shah, co- chief executive officer of the Migrants’ Rights Network, told Eastern Eye: “We are particularly concerned about the continued impact of existing policies on undocumented migrants, communities of colour, Muslims, EU nationals, migrant workers and LGBTQI+ migrants, all of whom are disproportionately experiencing the harm of racist and discriminatory immigration policies.

“The Conservative manifesto on immigration pledges to introduce an Australian-style points -based immigration system that purports to be ‘firmer and fairer’. In reality, learning suggests that such a system would be riddled with opportunities to discriminate when applied in practice.

“The notorious ‘hostile environment’ – rebranded as the ‘compliant environment’ for migrants – remains very much in place and is likely to be strengthened.

“This means a continuation of the use of service providers as a means of immigration control and the continued denial of basic human rights such as access to health and housing.”

Shah added: “A further worrying feature of the manifesto is an affront on judicial review, which is a hugely important mechanism for upholding the rights of migrants. Boris Johnson had made several murmurings about introducing an amnesty for undocumented migrants; this is a ray of hope perhaps, but the proof will be when this is implemented.”

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