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19 June 2018

New campaign: MPs not Border Guards

Following a pretty shocking story late last year about MPs reporting constituents to immigration enforcement officers, Global Justice Now and Migrants Organise are launching a new campaign to end this unacceptable practice

In a democratic society, everyone should have the right to safely meet their member of parliament and expect representation without fear of being detained or deported.

People approach their MPs for support, often as a last resort in a time of need. Migrants often need assistance and advice with their immigration, visas or citizenship applications. MPs are in a position of trust and authority, and it is a grotesque breach of that trust to inform on people who need their support to the Home Office, a department whose dysfunctional procedures have resulted in considerable injustice towards hundreds of thousands of people living in the UK, including the recent Windrush cases.

Please take a moment to ask your MP to reassure their constituents by signing the public pledge and committing to not report constituents to the Home Office for immigration enforcement.

And share widely: https://act.globaljustice.org.uk/mps-not-border-guards