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17 April 2018

Migration Observatory publishes concerns over settled status for EU citizens

The Migration Observatory published a report on the UK government’s proposed scheme to give EU nationals in the UK a “settled status” post-Brexit. The report covers the government’s principles laid out for the system and the challenges in its implementation. 

The report reviews existing research and publications and includes input from stakeholders. 

It also identified groups of EU citizens who could be at risk of failing to secure their right to remain post-Brexit. A potentially significant number of people may not realise that they can or need to apply, according to the report. This could include children and very long-term residents. Applications may also be more difficult for those who are already in vulnerable situations, such as victims of domestic abuse. Some people may struggle to navigate the system due to language barriers, disability and/or digital exclusion. Others may also have difficulty providing evidence that they have been living in the UK. The report pointed out a person with a combination of these factors are more likely to face difficulties securing settled status. 

The full report can be found here.