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17 April 2018

128 Answers needed on EU citizens in post-Brexit UK

European citizens rights group, The 3 Million, lodged 128 questions to the Home Office regarding the status of European Union citizens in the United Kingdom after Brexit.

Previous reports have flagged that issues surrounding the EU citizens’ residency and settled status remain unresolved, with children – whose status is dependent on their parents’ – being especially vulnerable. The group demanded that all questions must be answered in order to provide clarity to the 3 million EU citizens living and working in the UK. The group will be publishing Home Office replies in the coming weeks. 

The questions cover 14 categories, with a focus on the “settled status” application scheme, which should not be implemented until the questions are answered. The 14 categories are listed below (from the 3 Million’s website):

1. Criteria for settled status applications
2. Eligibility of Different Groups for Settled Status
3. Details of Application Process
4. UK Pre-Withdrawal Agreement voluntary application scheme (before 29 Mar 2019)
5. Transition Period – Withdrawal Agreement ratified (30 March 2019 – 31 Dec 2020)
6. Grace Period for Settled Status Applications (Jan – Jun 2021)
7. Temporary / Settled status and Citizenship
8. Support, Legal Assistance and Legal Aid
9. Loss of Settled Status
10. Home Office Infrastructure for settled Status 
11. Consequences of rejected settled status applications
12. EU Citizens’ Rights and Data Protection Legislation
13. Withdrawal Agreement – UK Legislation
14. The Independent Authority

Find more information on the 3 Million’s questions here