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Challenging the hostile environment

Immigration enforcement

We coordinate a pro bono network of lawyers and activists collaborating on advice, strategies and legal support.

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Our pro-bono network of lawyers and activists allows lawyers to share ideas and opinions and keep-up-to-date on new developments in the law and practice. It also always them to work to bring strategic litigation on aspects of the hostile environment

The pro bono network of lawyers and grassroots activists work focuses on:

  • challenging immigration raids on businesses, especially as they disproportionately affect BAME-led businesses
  • the intersection between employment and immigration law, by supporting migrant workers impacted and discriminated by ‘right to work’ checks and immigration raids
  • supporting international students and staff facing the restrictive Immigration compliance rules enforced in education settings, resulting in intense monitoring by their educational establishments

The key partners are: Haringey and Newham Anti-Raids Groups, ITN Solicitors, Bindmans, Migrants at Work and Unis Resist Border Controls 

To get involved contact: [email protected] 

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Challenging the hostile environment

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