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    Community Life Survey: Focus on Diversity

    The publication highlights some of the key measures collected through the 2016/17 Community Life Survey and compares responses between various demographic groups. The survey is helpful for those looking for more information on how ‘cohesion’ works. It also dispels some long-held myths around ‘integration’. Key highlights: Older people were more likely than younger people to…

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    Who’s coming to London?

    According to a new briefing by the Centre for London, National Insurance Number (NIN) registrations by people coming to London from overseas to work dropped over a quarter in the year to the last three months of 2017. NIN registrations continue to drop in London and the pace appears to be accelerating. There were a…

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    Imagining a world without borders

    by JILNA SHAH “Imagine that Martin Luther King never had a dream. Imagine that instead of thinking outside of the narrow confines of his time and place, he resolved to work only within them. Imagine then that he had risen to the steps of the Lincoln Monument and announced a 5-point plan, one he thought…

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