Whataboutism doesn’t help anyone

What is whataboutism? Whataboutism is deflection from one social justice issue to another. It is a tactic of derailment that demonstrates not only a lack of solidarity and a misunderstanding of a key element of social justice: shared struggle. Essentially in a debate, one issue is weaponised, and is brought up to detract or minimise […]

Commission us to deliver a Words Matter workshop

Words Matter workshops will encourage you and other participants to reflect on the language they use and discuss the impact language has on the wider public’s views on minoritised groups.

Words Matter Manifesto

The General Election is on the horizon. The demonisation of migrants, including refugees, is growing. Hate is taking hold. The time to act is now.  Migration advocacy rarely looks at the construction of migrants through an intersectional lens, or how racism shapes the idea of who is welcome. That’s why we have to be honest

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