Deprivation of citizenship

Deprivation of citizenship legislation is quietly stripping people of their British citizenship. Since 2003, the incidence of this has increased as powers have expanded, primarily affecting British Muslims. But the dark reality is, this could happen to most of us. Foundational to citizenship deprivation is something called the ‘good character’ requirement. This affects the granting […]

State-Enabled Modern Slavery

Exploitation of migrant workers Modern slavery is more common than you might think. In fact, the UK’s immigration system enables the exploitation of migrant workers. State regulated immigration pathways, like the visa sponsorship system, are being used to effectively traffick workers into exploitative situations. Migrants across multiple employment sectors face numerous issues including debt bondage,

International Students

An often overlooked area of migration are international students. This is due to their position as students, associated with temporary migration, or assumptions surrounding significant wealth. Following on from research we conducted on COVID-19 lockdowns and destitution, and from subsequent engagement with international students on specifics they have raised, we will be carrying out further

Words Matter Manifesto

The General Election is on the horizon. The demonisation of migrants, including refugees, is growing. Hate is taking hold. The time to act is now.  Migration advocacy rarely looks at the construction of migrants through an intersectional lens, or how racism shapes the idea of who is welcome. That’s why we have to be honest

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