Migrants are not a “burden”

Calling migrants a “burden” or a “drain on resources” reveals the complete disregard with which we view those who are in less fortunate situations. It really highlights how heartlessly we are willing to deny people their dignity.  The stereotype of migrants being a “burden” or a “drain” exists in order to justify oppression against them:

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Images Matter

Why do images matter? Here at MRN, we are committed to ending harmful discourse, but also harmful imagery. The images that we use and the emotions that these images conjure have the power to reinforce harmful narratives, but also to challenge them. That is why we put a lot of effort into ensuring our visuals

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The Hostile Office

Open Letters Sign our open letters against inhumane asylum accommodation here. Tell your story Our Hostile Office campaign includes various sections, such as Immigration Raids, Isamophobia and the Digital Hostile Environment (see menu below). As part of the Islamophobia section, we have launched a survey to understand the experience of Muslims in the UK asylum

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After our highly successful ‘Racism, Religion + Refugee Policy’ event, we are delighted to announce our ‘Who is Welcome?’ event series. This ‘Who is Welcome?’ event series will explore migration in tandem with other issues, and will explore the intersections between bordering and the following: racism, Islamophobia, colonialism, nationalism, citizenship status, gender, queerness, transness, disability,


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