Migration defines the phenomenon of human movement. The migration of communities and peoples across land and sea has occurred as long as there have been humans…

Invasion, swarm, influx, threat…

Why words like ‘invasion’, ‘swarm’ or ‘influx’ are often used in conjunction with the movement of people. From Katie Hopkins’ cockroaches analogy and former PM David Cameron’s ‘swarm’ comments, to the already infamous ‘invasion’ comments by Home Secretary Suella Braverman, this idea is arguably embedded in how we talk about people moving across borders.  We

Ask your representative to make the Words Matter Pledge

As part of our Words Matter campaign, we are calling on politicians to sign our Pledge, make their words matter and say no to hate against refugees and migrants. But we need your help. Politicians are more likely to respond to correspondence from some they represent. As a constituent, you have the right to write

APPG on Migration

The APPG on Migration was set up to support the emergence of mainstream, progressive policy debate on migration in the UK parliament. It aims to provide a discussion forum for parliamentarians and act as a source of well-evidenced and independent information on key migration issues. The APPG is chaired by Kate Green MP. MRN is

Commission us to deliver a Words Matter workshop

Words Matter workshops will encourage you and other participants to reflect on the language they use and discuss the impact language has on the wider public’s views on minoritised groups.


Through the label of “genuine”, the legitimacy of an asylum claim is undermined even before it has been submitted.

International Students

We’ve consulting with international students to understand how they’ve been affected by COVID-19 lockdown

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