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Tower Hamlets, East London

Children’s and family support services

Eva Armsby Family Centre

6 Glamis Rd, London E1W 3EG

020 7364 3015

Closed on Weekends


Around Poplar Children’s Centre

115 Three Colt St, London E14 8AP

020 7364 0540

Closed on Weekends


Meath Gardens Children’s Centre

1 Smart St, Globe Town, London E2 0SN

020 7364 0349

Closed on Weekends

Mile End Children’s Centre

9 Bede Square, Bow, London E3 4GY

020 7364 7557

Closed on Weekends

Tower Hamlets Social Services

62 Roman Rd, Bethnal Green, London E2 0PG

020 7364 5000