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Know your rights guide

No Recourse To Public Funds

Find out what your rights are in relation to NRPF and how your local authority can support you

What is new?

If you have NRPF, you cannot access ‘public funds’. A list of ‘public funds is here

Can I access any other support if I have NRPF?

You may still be able to access support that is not listed as a ‘public fund’, such as schooling, childcare, healthcare and free school meals.  The NRPF Network has really comprehensive info on your rights and entitlements.

Can I get the NRPF condition removed?

If you have Limited Leave to Remain in the UK and you have NRPF stamped on this leave to remain, you may be eligible to make an application for recourse to public funds. 

This is called a ‘Change of Conditions’ application. It is cost-free, and you do not need a lawyer in order to make it. 

Please note that you can usually only make the application if you have been given leave to remain on human rights grounds. For example, you cannot currently make the application if you do not have leave to remain, or if you are an asylum seeker.

The application form and guidance is here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/application-for-change-of-conditions-of-leave-to-allow-access-to-public-funds-if-your-circumstances-change

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