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The Hostile Office

Islamophobia in the asylum system

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Tackling hostile immigration policies means we have to understand how immigration status intersects with systems of oppression. It is evident that in the post-9/11 Global North, Islamophobic perceptions of race and religion have intersected with Western immigration policies to create hostile, and even violent, treatment of migrants and refugees from predominantly Muslim countries. However, there is little knowledge of how Islamophobia impacts people seeking asylum.

That’s why the Migrants’ Rights Network and the Community Policy Forum have launched a research project aiming to explore the ways in which current political attacks on human rights and Islamophobia manifest within the asylum system in the UK.

Islamophobia Survey

We want to understand the issues Muslim people in the asylum system are experiencing, and there are lots of ways you can help with our research. If you feel comfortable, we would be grateful if could complete our anonymous survey here.

Islamophobia + Asylum Roundtable + Event

In July, the Migrants’ Rights Network and Community Policy Forum hosted an online roundtable where participants were invited to discuss their experiences of Islamophobia and human rights within the UK asylum system alongside experts in this field. Alongside Community Policy Forum, we also hosted a panel event on Islamophobia and PREVENT in the UK asylum system. You can watch the recording here.