Migrants' Rights Network

The London Project

The London Project looks to support and campaign on behalf of organisations and other interested stakeholders on the issues of concern and relevance to the capital.

Currently our work is focused on:

  • migrant destitution
  • immigration enforcement in local services
  • vulnerable position of migrant workers

Staff at MRN:

  • organise a monthly meeting and training opportunity for organisations (starting in September 2018)
  • serve on the Mayor of London’s Strategic Migration Partnership, and lead the Hostile Environment working group, looking specifically at its impact on London
  • produce briefings and accessible tools to ensure migrants and those who support them are aware of their rights and entitlements

Through these activities, the London Project aims to establish the evidence for risk and destitution; identify the key messages to get across to policy-makers; and strengthen the role of migrants as advocates for the change that is needed.

For more information, contact Jilna [email protected]

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