Migrants' Rights Network

The London Project

Mei Mac, activist and actor pictured at Chinatown demo against immigration raids (August 2018).

What we do

What we do is largely determined by the needs of our network partners. Our current approach is influenced by a recent survey that we did where a number of community organisations gave their perspective on what role we should be playing in the capital.

The London Project works to uphold and strengthen the rights of all migrants, regardless of status, in London.

 It does this by;

  1. Enabling migrant-led advocacy on issues affecting them
  2. Strengthening London-wide infrastructure for organising and collaborative campaigns
  3. Developing self-help tools to access rights and entitlements

How we work

  • Coordinating a network of London community organisations
  • Working in partnership to campaign and advocate for the rights of migrants.
  • Linking up stakeholders
  • Brokering strategic meetings
  • Facilitating learning and sharing in the sector and beyond
  • Producing and working in partnership to support the production of Know Your Rights guides so that migrants and the people advocating for them understand and know how to assert their rights.
  • Reflecting the views of migrant organisations at the Greater London Authority (GLA).

 Current work

  • Strengthening and coordinating London network of Migrant and Refugee Community Organisations
  • No Recourse to Public Funds
  • Know Your Rights publications and workshops
  • Liaising with the GLA
  • Immigration Raids

To know more about any of these areas, or to get involved, please contact Mumbi: [email protected] or [email protected]

We also respond to changes in the socio-political and economic environment. If you have an idea for collaboration, please get in touch.

This work is generously supported by Trust for London.

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