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Migrant Voices & Regions

The voice of migrants within the narrative of immigration is critical not only for the migrant sector but also for policy makers and stakeholders to hear from those they affect. It is also essential the sector does not speak on behalf of these communities but offers them a platform to share their views.

MRN over the years has developed projects or offered training to migrants, so they can be at the forefront of the discussions on migration. Our activities have included:

  • The EU Migrant Voices project was able to obtain significant coverage for its view points on 20 occasions during the course of the election campaign.  This included reports carried in the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mirror, The Scotsman, BBC Radio Four, the BBC, ITV, Sky, LBC and CNN news channels and eight local radio stations.

MRN developed a project which brought together a group of EU migrants who were looking for opportunities to get the evidence of their experiences into the public discussion on immigration, which was playing a central role in the general election campaign.  The EU Migrant Voices platform involved 20 people who had come to the UK from nine different countries.

In 2016, as the EU referendum discussion got underway, MRN utilised the EU Migrant Voices platform to garner EU migrant voices in the mainstream media, offering an opportunity to counter the negative narrative and encouraged the people directly involved in the work to have confidence in their own accounts of migration and that telling these was an important part of the task of educating public opinion as to what really happens in the processes of migration.

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