We recognise that race and racism played the foundation role for the UK’s immigration laws. This means we look at migration in its current and historical contexts (e.g. slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism) in a way that recognises the systems of oppression that underline marginalisation.

Who is Welcome? Racism, Religion + Refugee Policy

Alongside Race on the Agenda (ROTA), we recently hosted an online event exploring how refugee policies across Europe are influenced by racism and religious discrimination.

Coalition of Race Equality (CORE)

We work on migration in an intersectional way and the alliances that we build reflects this. To date, we have built alliances in the race equality sector and act as an active member of CORE. Through contributing to this coalition, we bridge the gap that exists between the immigration and race/ BAME sectors.

Working Across the Lines

Working across the lines was a scoping initiative by Voice4Change England and Migrants’ Rights Network. It explores how advocates, activists, organisers and others in race equality, migrants’ rights, refugee and faith causes can connect struggles, stand together and work towards more equitable sharing of power and resources and resist the politics of prejudice.

Hate crime

Hate crime is still prevalent in our society but not everyone will recognise what constitutes a hate crime or how to deal with it when it happens.

We feel it is your right to feel safe in your home, communities and in public areas. So follow here for more information on how to take action if you have been a victim of it.

View the Hate Crime section in the Know Your Rights Guide.

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