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Challenging the ‘Hostile Environment’

MRN contested the data-sharing agreement between the Home Office, NHS Digital and the Department of Health, which had been drawn up in secret in November 2016. It enabled the sharing of confidential patient information by the NHS with the Home Office for immigration enforcement purposes. In May 2018, the Government announced it would suspend the data-sharing agreement pending amendments, and the legal challenge was placed on hold. Later in November 2018, the data sharing agreement was withdrawn completely. This was our small but significant contribution to the creation of kink in the ‘hostile environment’

“Thank you for fighting for this vital cause – which goes to the heart of human rights, patient confidentiality and personal dignity. It speaks to the kind of nation we are and want to be. Good luck!” Anonymous supporter

  • Immigration enforcement in the workplace and in education

We coordinate a pro bono network of lawyers and grassroots activists to collectively:

  • challenge immigration raids on businesses, especially as they disproportionately affect BAME-led businesses
  • support migrant workers impacted and discriminated by ‘right to work’ checks and immigration raids
  • to support international students and staff facing the restrictive Immigration compliance rules enforced in education settings

The key partners are: Haringey and Newham Anti-Raids Groups, ITN Solicitors, Bindmans, Migrants at Work and Unis Resist Border Controls 

To get involved contact: [email protected] 

Reports and resources of interest on this topic:

Campaigning with migrant communities

‘Refusal of indefinite leave to remain on tax amendment grounds’

In early 2018, MRN was asked to intervene on behalf of a number of migrants and their families that had been refused residency on the grounds of having made tax amendments during their self-employment history. These amendments were deemed by the Home Office to mean these individuals were of ‘poor character’ and therefore was refusing them settlement. The Home Office’s decision left many families destitute and struggling to survive. 

The case was won in court but this has not stopped the Home Office from continuing to push individuals and families into destitution through its delay tactics and decision-making processes. The campaign and the fight continues…….

“MRN supported us to achieve justice against the inhumane policies of Home Office. The moment we met MRN, we were hopeless and had no direction. They helped us to achieve our tasks legally by knocking on the doors of the courts. MRN became the source to ignite light in the lives of many families for no reason other than to watch them enjoy the glow. We are extremely thankful to MRN and its staff for bringing back life of many young families.”  Salman- Highly Skilled Migrant Group/ Tier 1 Community 

Follow the Highly Skilled Migrant Group here

Contesting divisive and harmful narratives

Not Illegal- HUMAN- Stop the Media Scapegoating ‘Illegal’ Migrants

We have been campaigning against the use of the word ‘illegal’ by the media and other stakeholders. The term is and has always been dehumanising and has a direct impact on the those who are labelled as such:

Here are a few quotes from young refugees and asylum seekers speaking on how the label ‘illegal’ made them feel.

“You feel it in everyday life, I’m not considered a human being like everyone else, the media is the source to creating all of this in the public eye” – Zahra, young migrant

“It makes you feel like you don’t belong in society” – Priya, young migrant

We want the media to stop scapegoating migrants and end the use of the dehumanising term ‘illegal immigrants’. It is not only morally wrong but also factually incorrect.

Read more here & Sign up to the petition here

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