Open Letter to Teeside University on the treatment of international students

We have written an open letter to Teeside University, to express our shock at their treatment of international students, and to demand that these students be reinstated immediately. The international students, most of them Nigerian nationals, have been unjustly reported to the Home Office by the University and now face deportation. These students have been […]

Liberating our mental health

Our mental health can be shaped by genetics, biological factors, but also by racial capitalism, legacies of colonialism, and systems of oppression. Liberating our mental health includes liberating ourselves from borders and all other institutions that subject us to harm. The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is “moving more for our mental health”.

Celebrating Migrant Justice Event

A message from our CEO, Fizza Qureshi: On Friday 19 April, we held our Celebrating Migrant Justice Event at Pelican House. It’s important to acknowledge the state of migrant justice in 2024 and the context in which we held this event. As genocides unfold, and as refugees are being created across the world, we are

Integration is an internal border

The words ‘integration’ and ‘cohesion’ are often used in pro-migration arguments. They are long-standing buzzwords that place the onus of being accepted into the community on migrants, including refugees. However, the positives of these ideas have been questioned by racial justice campaigners for decades and, at MRN, we have been raising awareness of how they

“Making noise: who has the permission to speak?”

A Women’s History Month blog by Cristina Cabral Cristina is a Cape Verdean migrant who grew up in Portugal. She is a documentary filmmaker and a Doctoral Researcher in Cultural Industries. She has previously engaged in multimedia journalism, and lectured on the theme of diversity in the media. She is also a co-founder of the

Urgent Rwanda Notice

We have received reports that the Home Office are calling people to offer ‘voluntary departure’ to Rwanda. You DO NOT have to say yes. If you get a call, we recommend to: 1. NOT respond until you have legal advice 2. Ask the Home Office to send the offer to you in writing 3. Find

Femonationalism, migration and colonial legacies

Migrants’ Rights Network x the Decolonial Centre for International Women’s Day 2024. International Women’s Day is about recognising the steps made in the fight for gender “equality”, and the barriers that still exist in dismantling systemic sexism. However, equality should not be the final “destination” in this struggle: we must work towards complete liberation. Furthermore,

The policing of transness and migration

A joint blog by MRN and Gendered Intelligence for LGBTQ+ History Month. Content warning: this article contains content pertaining to the asylum process and the process of receiving gender-affirming care. An invasive and dehumanising culture of disbelief, and a reliance on stereotypes by decision makers, contributes to the increased marginalisation of people seeking asylum, trans

Think Global, Act Global: Event

We are delighted to have co-organised and be speaking at the Think Global Act Global Event, taking place at Birkbeck on Saturday 23 March 2024, from 10.30am-6pm. Free markets were once sold as the route to global prosperity but now that spell is broken. Yet, the contours of the new system in formation are uncertain

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