The Fragility of Freedom on Holocaust Memorial Day 2024

On Holocaust Memorial Day, Michael Raff, Trustee at MRN, reflects on his Jewish heritage and the meaning of ‘never again’ at a time of ongoing genocide in Palestine. I write this post in advance of Holocaust Memorial Day. I come from a Jewish family, and although I do not myself identify as Jewish, I deeply

Men, masculinity and migration

The single male migrant has become one of the most maligned groups of people in Western popular thought. In fact, even in ‘pro-migrant’ arguments, empathy tends to extend to women and children but stops when it comes to men, especially when they are Black and Brown men.  Racialised men have been associated with violence. In

Reformism upholds White supremacy

Yes, you read that right.  We often talk about policy change, and the importance of this in making a difference. However, when we are influencing policy, we often do this by tweaking existing policies to make them a little less harmful to some people. This is reform. When we reform or tweak a policy or

Data sharing with banks: FOI update

In November, MRN submitted a Freedom of Information (FOI) request concerning the Home Office resuming sharing data with banks and building societies to prevent undocumented migrants from holding bank accounts. For five of the eight questions, we did not receive full answers, instead directed to various Government pages; three of these questions were partially answered

MAP: Fourth Workshop

On December 16, 2023, the Day 4 workshops at Square Hall in Waterloo, London, aimed to empower participants in community organising and democratic engagement. The first session, led by Katia Widlak, focused on community organising, where participants learned strategies to initiate and sustain a movement. The session included insights from community organisers actively engaged in

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