Words Matter

Where are you actually from?

The question “where are you actually from” can spark heated debates. We understand that this question may come from a place of genuine curiosity, but we must be attentive to the social dynamics that come into play in any given situation. Intention is instrumental in weighing up why this question is so problematic. Following the […]

“British Values”

“British values” are the set of values said to underpin UK society. They consist of: “democracy”, “the rule of law”, “respect + tolerance”, and “individual liberty”. But why are these values assumed to be “British” in nature? British Values: A Colonial History These four values seem to epitomise decency and compassion. It seems bizarre that

Words Matter x NSW

For National Storytelling Week 2023, we hear from our community about the words that matter to them.

Campaign History

Below you can find out more about the campaign history for Words Matter, including our MoNDi x MRN Street Art Event in December 2022 for International Migrants Day. Words Matter for International Migrants Day For International Migrants Day, we’re getting creative with how we defy the narrative. We’re really excited to announce that we’re teaming

“Queue jumping”

The obsession with “queue jumping” once more exemplifies the racism of British society. No one should have to queue for protection.

Migrants are not a “burden”

Calling migrants a “burden” or a “drain on resources” reveals the complete disregard with which we view those who are in less fortunate situations. It really highlights how heartlessly we are willing to deny people their dignity.  The stereotype of migrants being a “burden” or a “drain” exists in order to justify oppression against them:

Reclaiming language

We’re reclaiming the narrative, together. The power of language Words have power. Language has the ability to hurt, uplift and shape our world. In our Words Matter explainers, we have focused on explaining the harm that certain narratives cause. This is to remind us to be mindful of the language we use: whether that looks


Migrants are not ‘voiceless’. This idea denies migrants, including refugees, of their agency and is based in White saviourism. People who claim to be on the side of migrant justice will often claim that migrants, including refugees, are ‘voiceless’ and that they need to be ‘given a voice’. This is a symptom of White saviourism.

Words Matter Manifesto

The General Election is on the horizon. The demonisation of migrants, including refugees, is growing. Hate is taking hold. The time to act is now.  Migration advocacy rarely looks at the construction of migrants through an intersectional lens, or how racism shapes the idea of who is welcome. That’s why we have to be honest

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