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APPG on Migration

The APPG on Migration was set up to support the emergence of mainstream, progressive policy debate on migration in the UK parliament. It aims to provide a discussion forum for parliamentarians and act as a source of well-evidenced and independent information on key migration issues. The APPG is chaired by Kate Green MP. MRN is […]

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Where are you actually from?

The question “where are you actually from” can spark heated debates. We understand that this question may come from a place of genuine curiosity, but we must be attentive to the social dynamics that come into play in any given situation. Intention is instrumental in weighing up why this question is so problematic. Following the

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“British Values”

“British values” are the set of values said to underpin UK society. They consist of: “democracy”, “the rule of law”, “respect + tolerance”, and “individual liberty”. But why are these values assumed to be “British” in nature? British Values: A Colonial History These four values seem to epitomise decency and compassion. It seems bizarre that

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