Migrants' Rights Network

Mumbi Natasha Nkonde

Mumbi is the Interim London Project Manager and joined MRN in May 2019.
Mumbi has a background in community activism and organising based in London, having immigrated from Zambia a long long time ago. She’s worked the last four years as Regional Organiser at The Edge Fund, a participatory funder supporting grassroots groups working for social, economic and climate justice. This role brings her into contact with many vital migrant rights community organisations across the UK.  She’s also been involved in anti-racist organising, local housing and anti-austerity campaigns and climate justice.  
Alongside this you can find her sifting through an archive or recording oral histories on the legacies of radical left politics and black feminism at The GLC Story project
Mumbi’s email address is: [email protected]
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