Migrants' Rights Network

Jilna Shah

Jilna Shah is the Co-CEO of MRN. She was the former London Project Manager and went on to cover Fizza’s leave. She joined MRN in September 2017. Jilna has received one of ACEVO’s Jane Slowey Memorial bursaries which offers support and development to women in leadership.

Jilna holds an MA in International and Comparative Legal Studies, from School of Oriental and African Studies and a BSc in Politics from Bristol University. Her previous work has been in international development,  human rights and anti-discrimination. Her previous work includes working in India as the Director of the Dalit and Tribal Rights unit at the Human Rights Law Network.

Jilna’s interests include yoga and teaching community yoga, cooking and eating, and underwater adventures (especially snorkelling and surfing!).



She can be contacted at [email protected]

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