Migrants' Rights Network

Elvina Quaison

Elvina Quaison is the AFFORD Business Club (ABC) manager at AFFORD, the ABC is a unique diaspora entrepreneur focused space to assist and enhance our members businesses. Elvina has worked with Diaspora organisations for over 15 years.

Elvina represented the work of diaspora organisations and their call for enhanced coordinated working with conventional humanitarian actors by speaking at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul May 2016. Elvina has also worked towards building understanding and effective relationships by working with diaspora groups and humanitarian organisations to openly discuss barriers to partnership and seek ways to identify synergies and better coordinated working.

In 2011 she managed projects in AFFORD assisting Diaspora contribute their skills and knowledge by volunteering in Ghana. She also managed a project facilitating Diaspora entrepreneurs’ goals of setting up a business in Africa, specifically Ghana. Following this work she followed suit and lived in Ghana for over three years. Elvina brings her knowledge and deep interest in the UK African Diaspora to her work with AFFORD.

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