Migrants' Rights Network

Dorian Leatham

Dorian joined MRN in August 2020 as the Interim-CEO

Dorian Leatham is an independent management consultant working within the public sector, housing association and charity sectors. He has had over 30 years senior leadership experience in the public sector both as an executive and non-executive. He has worked with senior civil servants with coupled with liaising with senior  Central Government politicians to lever funding  leading to  the delivery of complex front line services for  local communities, coupled with ensuring the management of substantial revenue and capital budgets. Concurrent with having been a specialist advisor to central government and non-governmental bodies with regards to housing and regeneration of urban areas. 

Within his many senior leadership roles he has led organisational change, developed leaders, implemented major information technology and telecommunications strategies. He has also facilitated, developed and delivered substantial programmes in relation to organisations implementing equalities and diversity initiatives. Alongside this experience he has extensive experience of leading public and private sector partnerships to lever public and private sector funding to regenerate inner city areas.

He is currently undertaking a portfolio of tasks. Currently he is a part time chief executive of a migrants rights organisation both campaigning on behalf of migrants about their rights, plus bidding for funding from various sources to support their plight. In parallel he mentors, primarily individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds aspiring to become leaders both as executives and non-executives. Recently he was part of a team of consultants undertaking an enquiry into whether a major international charity has demonstrably lived up to its organisational values, especially in relation to equalities and diversity.

His substantive executive leadership roles range from having been Director of Housing in Croydon Council to Chief Executive of Hillingdon Council. Executive Director of Housing Regeneration and Environment in Lambeth Council. Latterly he was Chief Executive of ARHAG housing association providing both permanent housing as well as training and employment plus enterprise programme opportunities for migrants and refugees.

He has facilitated management development programmes on behalf Solace (the local authorities chief executives) body.

Dorian has undertaken several non-executive roles, mostly in the role of chair notably Chair of the Homes and Communities Agency (now Homes England) as chair of their Equalities and Diversity Advisory Group. Chair of the Stonebridge Housing Trust. He has been part of two Mayors of London panels advising on their housing strategy, as well as advising of the impact of their housing strategies on issues of race and equality. He was Chair of the Nottingham City Housing Strategic Partnership Board leading the public, private and community sectors strategic approach to levering substantial funding to regenerate Nottingham.

He has also worked as technical advisor with regards to senior executive appointments to the Homes and Communities Agency, plus assisted with the appointments of senior executive and non-executive appointments to several small housing associations. Additionally, in 2011 He was appointed by Lambeth Council to investigate the negative impact on ethnic minority staff as a result of the local authorities implementation restructuring proposals.

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