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MRN to produce two special bulletins on Health and Policing

Monthly Health Bulletin

At MRN, we are aware of a large number of projects and campaigns on issues related to health and social care.

Issues range from access to health, data protection, NHS workforce development and discrimination in services.

To support those working on these issues across sectors, we will be producing a monthly bulletin, reflecting the work of agencies involved in service delivery as well as those involved in direct action and campaigning.

The bulletin will appear on the 1st of every month, and will start from June.

If you would like to sign up to the MRN Monthly Health Bulletin then please subscribe here.

Policing and Immigration Enforcement Bulletin

Policing is one of the areas most often overlooked in relation to the hostile environment. In part, this because the relationship between policing and immigration enforcement is so long-standing that it has become “mainstreamed.”

MRN is part of a small working group in London, liaising with colleagues nationally, examining the relationship between migrants and policing.

From Operation Nexus, targeted operations, immigration raids, hate crime, the precarious situation of migrant women and LGBT+ individuals who are the victims of crime, to the undue criminalisation of migration  – there is a lot to organise around nationally.

Drawing on experiences from across the London region, the monthly bulletin will share good and bad practice.

If you would like to sign up to the MRN Monthly Policing Bulletin then please subscribe here.

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