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Building a lawyers’ network to challenge workplace immigration raids – London

As part of its London projects, MRN is asking partners to assist small businesses targeted by the Home Office ICE teams for illegal employment.

Establishing a Lawyers’ network

Our hope is to set up a Lawyers’ network to support those targeted by raids. This will form a vital intervention in building resistance to workplace immigration raids. 

What we know
Many small businesses supporting undocumented migrants have been giving consent to ICE teams to enter their premises, often under duress or by fear. ICE teams have been using these consent forms routinely instead of having warrants, increasing the number of phishing operations. These small businesses are then sanctioned with heavy fines, amounting to tens of thousands of pounds. Both of these are grounds for challenge, but the cost of seeking legal representation is a barrier to people seeking support. 

Whilst some will express legitimate concerns around labour exploitation, many engaged in illegal employment have good relationships with their employer and it may be their only viable means of survival. 

We would also welcome your valuable insights and ideas on the above issues.

Next steps

If you are interested in becoming involved and/or know of others who may be willing to support this initiative, please e-mail: [email protected]org.uk

Migrants’ Rights Network will then coordinate an initial meeting of people who are interested and key network partners working in the area to discuss and plan how best to build this network.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch via the above e-mail address.

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