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Migrant Support Frontline Providers Survey – Route to Your Rights

For the past year, MRN’s Route To Your Rights project has been consulting with migrants and migrant support workers to identify the key factors that impact on migrants’ exposure to problems like homelessness and exploitation at work, and what measures people take to overcome them.

High rents, the prevalence of agency work, restrictive social welfare provision, cuts to legal advice and limited knowledge of housing and employment rights are some of the key factors that contribute to migrant vulnerability on settlement in the UK.

MRN is in the process of developing a project resource for the migrant support sector to continue to support migrants in the UK. Based on the project findings, a number of suggestions have been made, but we need to decide what to prioritise.

Please fill out this survey to help us develop a useful resource that will benefit the sector.

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Fabien Cante

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