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Asylum seekers fearful of Scottish child protection

A new report warns trust in Scotland’s child protection system has been eroded by widely circulated stories that destitute asylum seekers were being told their children would be taken in to care if they could not afford to look after them.

New research by the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA), which is responsible for deciding whether to refer troubling or troubled youngsters to panels, has found that such parents’ concerns were justified.

The SCRA was looking in to how ethnic minorities and migrants see Scotland’s unique children’s hearing system, which deals with both youngsters who offend and those who are in need.

It says:

“This fear and distrust of services was explained to come from families’ experiences of state intervention in their countries of origin and also from stories circulating within minority communities in Scotland of children being removed from their parents.

“Both of these concerns have some basis, and are particularly real amongst those seeking asylum or of uncertain immigration status.”

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