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MAC call for evidence on EU nationals’ role in UK

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has issued a call for evidence for its forthcoming detailed analysis of the role of EU nationals in the UK economy.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has asked the committee to consider the evolution of EU and EEA migration since 2000 and possible future trends (absent new immigration controls). It goes on to ask MAC:

  • What are the methods of recruitment used by UK employers to employ EU and EEA migrants and how does this impact on UK workers?
  • What are the economic and social costs and benefits, including fiscal impacts to the UK economy and impacts on public services and infrastructure of EU and EEA migration?
  • Is it possible to estimate the potential impact of any future reductions in EU and EEA migration (whether occurring naturally or through policy), at a range of levels and how may these be felt differently across the economy and society? This may include a consideration of the impacts on the different parts of the UK, within the context of designing a UK-wide immigration system. How could business adjust if EU and EEA net migration was substantially reduced? What mitigating actions could be taken by employers and government and over what timescale?

Download MAC’s call for evidence and briefing below

2017 08 04 MAC Call for Evidence

2017 08 04 MAC Briefing Paper

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