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Promote the Migrant Vote! Launched by Migrants Organise

Migrants Organise has launched a project to support EU nationals, migrants and refugee communities in getting their voices heard in the 2017 General Election on 8 June. Voter registration events are already being organised by communities across the UK.

How to get involved

Organise a Voter Registration event

No registration drive near you?

No problem.

Learn how to organise one with ouraction toolkit. Let us know when and where you’re holding your event and we’ll help you advertise it.

Download Materials

Spread the word, let everyone know you’ve registered! Wear a badge, display a poster, post a selfie wearing the goods

Share with Migrants Organise andPromote the Migrant Vote and MO will celebrate your good work. #MigrantVote

Your Vote Matters

Around seven million people in the UK are not correctly registered to vote. Could that be you?

Register today: www.gov.uk/register-to-vote. Then share and help others

All migrants and refugees, including those without eligibility to vote in these elections can use the website to organise events, raise their voices and contribute to the democratic process.

Visit promotemigrantvote.org.uk to see a map of existing events, downloadable resources and an action toolkit that provides ideas and information.

The website will be updated with events over the coming week – email[email protected] to add your event now!

Nearly 16 million people who were eligible to vote did not do so in the 2015 General Election. Many millions are not registered to vote or need support to exercise their democratic rights. Migrants communities can struggle to participate due to language barriers and a lack of familiarity with the democratic process. Others find elections to be an alienating and disempowering experience as the issues migrants do not appear in the national conversation. This absence of representation can translate into fear, frustration, anger and apathy.

Promote the Migrant Vote!

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  • Fantastic idea. I love it. Well done! I remember well, as a child growing up during communism, when my parents were not able to cast their vote. It is a privilege which we, in many countries, far too often take for granted. I actually don’t think that the voting is our right, it is more than that – it is our huge responsibility. I hope that many migrants who obtained the British citizenship, will express their political views by participating in a democratic process. I hope that many million individuals living in this county will have a chance to shape its future. I fully support this campaign and I hope it will produce great results and fantastic outcomes.

    I hope that new elected government will take into the account the rights of EU citizens living in the UK. Being ‘stripped off’ of my ‘voting rights’ would be a MASSIVE blow to me. I also hope that the PM would recognise that many EU nationals in the UK, are keen not only to work in Britain, but also to shape the future of this country by being part of the political process. One can only hope and pray that my ‘civic journey’ in the UK will continue.

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