Migrants' Rights Network
What we do?

What we do?


To become the sector leader in brokering conversations and negotiations between migrant community organisations and policy-makers, politicians and other authorities and influential bodies aiming to better understand what migration means for a modern industrial economy trading in a globalised world.


To bring about a world in which people are acknowledged as having sufficient rights to ensure they are in a good position to anticipate and manage the risks associated with living and working in a country where they do not have citizenship status.


  • To work in collaboration with migrant community groups to build networks and partnerships which amplify the voice of such groups in their dealings with public authorities and other influential stakeholders.
  • To assist migrant community groups in conveying crucial and timely messages into the wider public conversation about immigration policy in such a way as to influence the tone of the discussion in a way which is sympathetic to migrants.
  • To facilitate discussions directly with politicians and policy makers and key stakeholders in ways which encourage and open and broadminded engagement with the issues.

Values and Principles

MRN works to achieve its objectives through a strategy which aims to:

  1. Deepen the engagement of migrant communities with democratic processes.
  2. Build and strengthen relations with sections of civil society which are most likely to be sympathetic to the predicament of being a migrant in the UK.
  3. Facilitate project activities which promote advocacy in support of the rights of migrants and which draw in allies across a broad range of society.
  4. Fully utilise the potential of web-based social media networking to promote advocacy and communication about the situation of migrants.
  5. Work directly with actors in the political and policy-making field to engage with their concerns about migration and encourage a positive approach in relation to the issues which have to be tackled.
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