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    Let’s Talk About Queer Migrants

    Let’s Talk About Queer Migrants is a conversation with Migrants’ Rights Network and Dr Fabio Fasoli from the University of Surrey. Key info 18 June, 2-3pm, online. Event description Reflecting on the unique struggles that queer migrants face is a necessary step in our fight for a society without oppression. We are delighted to have…

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    Take a stand against anti-migrant hate

    Dear supporters, The General Election has been announced, and the fight for migrants’ rights is gearing up. We must take a firm stand against anti-migrant hate spouted by candidates. Now is the time to call for meaningful narrative change around migration and other marginalised groups.   We kick off this month’s newsletter with our Words…

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    PRIDE 2024

    Pride has a radical history. Let’s honour it. The first Pride was about queer liberation. It was a revolt by Black and Brown, trans and queer people against White supremacy and queerphobia. But colonial legacies of queerphobia, alongside the mainstreaming of Pride, means that radical Black and Brown queer histories are sidelined and erased. Colonial…

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