Migrants' Rights Network

Who are we?

Migrants’ Rights Network is an innovative UK- based NGO working and campaigning for the rights of all migrants

Our work brings together migrant activists and support organisations, think tanks, academics, faith groups and public sector representatives to advocate for a rights-based approach towards migration in the UK.

Launched in 2006, we have worked to create the foundations for a UK civil society movement in support of migrants, through building lobbying and campaigning, online and media work, public events and providing support to migrant community activism. We particularly promote the concerns of migrant groups creating space for them to voice their views and experiences.

Our work is based on the following core activities

  • Developing a dynamic and diverse network that builds bridges across different sectors and interests, helping to get migrants’ voices heard where it matters;
  • sharing information and expertise, and building knowledge and skills across different migrant communities;
  • Keeping our members informed with news and analysis, including providing up-to-date policy analysis, informing campaign priorities and co-ordinating action
  • Supporting local and regional debates about immigration issues
  • Strengthening local voices at national level
  • Raising awareness among government and those in the public sphere about migrant interests and needs so that they can be involved in debates about migration.
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