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Our objectives

Influencing policy to challenge the hostile environment

Why this is important

Successive UK governments have had a policy to create a hostile environment for migrants in the UK. This has included deporting migrants who have lived all or most of their lives in the UK, making it hard for migrants to rent a home or open a bank account, denying benefits and other support, and disproportionately applying administrative rules (such as tax return minor errors) against some, such as the Highly Skilled Migrants Group. Immigration control has been passed to service providers in education, housing, employers; with criminal sanctions for failure to do so. Migration is not a crime and detention and deportation on immigration grounds must be ended. MRN works for justice for all migrants. It will particularly work with those most vulnerable to exploitation or oppression.

What MRN intends to do:

  • Take action to reverse the criminalisation of migration.
  • Advocate that service providers not be used as a means of immigration control.