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Our areas of work

Changing the narrative to develop a positive profile

Why this is important

A significant part of the national news media is opposed to immigration and uses stereotypes, scapegoating and fear-mongering in its reporting. Some political parties and parliamentarians view being anti-immigration as a vote catching policy. These negative views of immigration and migrants permeate down to all levels of society.

What Migrants’s Rights Network intends to do

  • Challenge government narratives and policies and practices that divide communities.
  • Contest negative media narrative and scapegoating of migrants and refugees.
  • Work to advocate for the positive impact that migration and migrant communities have on culture and society in the UK.


We have been campaigning against the use of the word ‘illegal’ by the media and other stakeholders. The term is and has always been dehumanising and has a direct impact on the those who are labelled as such. We want the media to stop scapegoating migrants and end the use of the dehumanising term ‘illegal immigrants’. It is not only morally wrong but also factually incorrect.

We contributed to the #WordsMatter campaign lead by PICUM and helped to create a terminology document on how we should refer to undocumented migrants.