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Our areas of work

Amplifying migrants’ voices and supporting their causes

Why this is important

MRN has evolved over the last 15 years from a network providing information and policy views with a rich legacy of working for the rights of all migrants to the UK, to one that works with specialist and grass roots organisations to bring about changes that will benefit migrants in their fight for rights and justice, using a range of tools and approaches. MRN places the lived experiences and perspectives of migrants at the heart of its work to ensure it is accountable to those impacted by immigration and wider policies and practices. MRN approaches its work with the understanding that people will experience multiple forms of oppression, where immigration status/migration experience is but one factor.

What Migrants’ Rights Network intends to do

  • Make connections: bring together and deepen connections, understanding and solidarity within and across sectors to share learning, facilitate access and bring about visionary and practical solutions.
  • Amplify the voice of migrants and grass-roots migrant-centred organisations throughout the UK on specific issues, such as the hostile environment and workplace rights.
  • Enable and support migrants and migrant groups and those working with them to take action and advocate for change themselves through the redistribution of access to influence, information, knowledge and space.


‘Refusal of indefinite leave to remain on tax amendment grounds’

In early 2018, MRN was asked to intervene on behalf of a number of migrants and their families that had been refused residency on the grounds of having made tax amendments during their self-employment history. These amendments were deemed by the Home Office to mean these individuals were of ‘poor character’ and therefore was refusing them settlement. The Home Office’s decision left many families destitute and struggling to survive. 

The case was won in court but this has not stopped the Home Office from continuing to push individuals and families into destitution through its delay tactics and decision-making processes. The campaign and the fight continues…….

“MRN supported us to achieve justice against the inhumane policies of Home Office. The moment we met MRN, we were hopeless and had no direction. They helped us to achieve our tasks legally by knocking on the doors of the courts. MRN became the source to ignite light in the lives of many families for no reason other than to watch them enjoy the glow. We are extremely thankful to MRN and its staff for bringing back life of many young families.”  

Salman- Highly Skilled Migrant Group/ Tier 1 Community 

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