Is it time to decolonise the migration sector?

Dear supporters,

We cannot understand migration without understanding colonisation. It’s time to decolonise the migration sector.

We kick off this month’s newsletter by spotlighting our content for Migration Week, featuring Words Matter explainers and first person blogs on how intrinsically colonialism is tied to migration and migration related discourse. We follow this up with our introductory piece for LGBTQ+ History Month, exploring the intersections between queer and migrant justice, and an exciting zine-making workshop on queerness and belonging!

We have also been busy bringing our anti-oppression vision into 2024, and we are very excited to share our piece exploring how reformism upholds White supremacy and colonialism.

Finally we spotlight our Winter Appeal, as well as updates from all our campaigns, including Words Matter explainers, surveys, blogs and media coverage. Find out more below!

Thank you for your ongoing support!

In solidarity,

The MRN Team.

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