Why am I being “tolerated”?

As migratised and racialised people ourselves, we don’t just want to be “put up” with or merely “tolerated”: the fullness of our humanity MUST be respected.

Merely being “tolerated”…

Merely being “tolerated” suggests migrants and refugees are not worthy of acceptance or inclusion. The term comes from a place of self-assumed superiority, and embeds the idea that is justifiable to reluctantly and begrudgingly “put-up” with new communities.

Such language leaves any underlying hostility towards newcomers unchallenged, and reinforces the notion that they’re being “tolerated” because they can fulfil an economic or political purpose.

Migratised and racialised groups already have to prove that they are “worthy” through their “contributions”, and their ability to “integrate”. Always having to prove one’s worth is dehumanising and condescending. 

The term tolerance is not acceptable: our acceptance of migrants must be unconditional. 

 We must respect and celebrate ALL the migratised and racialised communities that make up our society.

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