Ask your representative to make the Words Matter Pledge

As part of our Words Matter campaign, we are calling on politicians to sign our Pledge, make their words matter and say no to hate against refugees and migrants. But we need your help. Politicians are more likely to respond to correspondence from some they represent.

As a constituent, you have the right to write to your local representative and ask them to support a cause, or raise awareness of a certain issue. By writing to your representative, you are helping us stand in solidarity with migratised people and campaign for a society where everyone is treated with dignity.

Find your representative

If you live in England this includes your MP. If you live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, you will also have at least one representative in your devolved parliament too. 

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Letter template

If you’re unsure how or what to write, we have created this handy letter template to help you. We attach a suggested template below but we encourage you to personalise it. Perhaps you have seen a Government Minister talk about migrants including refugees in a dehumanising way, or you have seen the impact of division in your local community. Whatever your motivation is, let your local representative know!

Subject line: End Refugee and Migrant Hate: Make your Words Matter Pledge




Dear [Insert MP/MS/MSP/MLA Name],

I am a constituent living in [area/constituency]. I am writing to you to ask you to sign the Migrants’ Rights Network’s Words Matter pledge and to take a stand against the demonisation of migrants including refugees.

I am incredibly concerned about the Illegal Migration Act and the hostile narratives that have been used by the Government to justify it. Words like ‘illegal’, ‘invasion’ or ‘genuine asylum seeker’ have an enormous effect on migrants including refugees’ sense of belonging. Furthermore, the far-right are targeting racialised people and other marginalised communities and increasing  hate crime across the country. [Insert your personal motivations here e.g. what is happening in your local area].

As a public servant, the language you use can have a huge impact on your constituents’ views on marginalised and migratised groups. I would be very grateful if you could sign the Words Matter pledge and stand with me in challenging the language which is harming migrants including refugees in [area/constituency]. 

I attach a suggested tweet below as well as some social media graphics you can use: 

  • It’s time to create a new narrative around refugees & migration. I’m proud to make my #WordsMatter pledge and support @migrants_rights campaign for an end to divisive language

Stand with me and migrant communities in [area] to say no to hate and create a society where everyone is welcome.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name]

Contact your representative

You can contact your representative via their email, or using the below function. Please make sure you paraphrase slightly and that you do not copy the template word for word if you are using the below function.

Contact Your Politician
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Statement template for MPs

[MP Name] pledges to make their #WordsMatter and to challenge the narrative around refugees and migrants

It is time to end the harmful narrative around refugees and migrants. The Migrants’ Rights Network launched their Words Matter campaign earlier this year, and [MP Name] is pleased to pledge their support and call for an end to the alienating and divisive language. 

Language forms the foundation of how marginalised communities are treated. Words like ‘illegal’, ‘genuine’ or ‘invasion’ have an enormous detrimental impact. Words have consequences for individual refugees and migrants and for our whole society. We should be striving for a society where everyone is respected and challenging harmful words or expressions is integral. 

By signing this pledge, [MP Name] is committing to challenge harmful language and pledge to call out the use of words which alienate migrants and refugees.

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