MAP: Third Workshop

On November 18, 2023, the Day 3 workshops at the Golden Lane Community Centre in the City of London were focused on empowering participants in effective communication and advocacy. The first session, led by Sophie Yates Lu, delved into the art of campaigning. Participants learned strategies to make their voices heard, exploring ways to speak effectively in public and make their stories visible in the digital age. The interaction between Sophie and the fellows fostered an engaging atmosphere, with participants actively sharing experiences and learning practical techniques for impactful self-expression.

The second workshop of the day, also conducted by Sophie Yates Lu, focused on media training. This session aimed to equip participants with skills to leverage social media platforms for storytelling, gaining support, and confidently addressing their concerns. The interaction between the speaker and the fellows facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas, with participants gaining valuable insights into the strategic use of media for advocacy. The day’s workshops concluded with fellows leaving with enhanced communication skills and a better understanding of leveraging media platforms for effective self-expression and issue advocacy.

Sophie Yates Lu – “Campaigning and Media Training”

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