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Medics call on NHS staff to stop sharing patient info with Home Office

Medics call on NHS staff to stop sharing patient info with Home Office

Humanitarian charity Doctors of the World has launched its #StopSharing campaign with the aim of persuading NHS staff to stop sharing confidential patient information with immigration enforcers at the Home Office.

According to the Department of Health, the Home Office made 8,127 requests for data in the first 11 months of 2016 alone. This led to 5854 people being traced by immigration teams.

The UK government and NHS Digital, which stores NHS patients’ data, published a deal in January to give the Home Office easier access to migrant patients’ information. This allows immigration officials to get hold of patients’ personal details, such as addresses, and then to track down, arrest and deport undocumented migrants.

Doctors of the World has launched a petition with the National Aids Trust and Liberty against the deal. We will take the petition to the government and ask them to respond.

It is also launching a “Safe Surgeries” toolkit for healthcare professionals, which gives GP practices concrete ways to defy the deal and keep their patients’ addresses off NHS records. A viral social media campaign will be launched soon too

How you can help

Get the petition to hit 10,000 signatures. Use the suggested social media posts and graphics below to promote the petition. If you prefer to write your own posts, please use the hashtag #StopSharing.

Download the toolkit. This will be launched on the Doctors of the World website.

Contribute to the viral campaign. Dates and details coming soon!

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  • So disgusting and the lengths that this Tory govt will stoop to get what they want.
    How could anyone vote for them esp. T.M. , who is mainly behind the nastiness in the Home OF. I will never understand. And she has the gall to call others the ‘nasty party’ !
    NOW she wants more power to cause more mayhem, fear and distress among those not lucky as her.
    Then go to church …while treating other people who needs her help the most
    with scant disregard. So sad that people in this day and age need a power hungry dictator, to run their lives and tell them what to do. SMH.

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